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Your Premier Home Staging Company

We can help you sell your property quickly and affordably with our designer-quality home staging services.

How do we keep things easy and affordable for our clients? We ensure that cost is not dictated by the number of rooms or square footage, but the amount of furnishings and artwork we provide.

The delivery, setup, and removal is included in the initial cost – which we are always upfront about. Our clients are consistently pleased to find that the cost of staging their home is much less than they had expected… and the experience is more rewarding.

Attract buyers with smart interior design

If you want to sell your home but haven’t garnered much interest, don’t blame the market just yet. It could be the way the house is presented. Only a small percentage of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home.

That’s why a good home stager is critical in the selling process.

The image we create will leave little to the buyer’s imagination. And if the image we create sends the right message, selling your home will be painless, timely, and rewarding for both you and the buyer.

Home Staging Portland

Home Staging in Portland, OR

Stage your home in as little as one day

When the market is hot, home stagers are busy. And for many motivated sellers, waiting weeks just isn’t an option.

Our interior design team is available when other companies aren’t. And with no compromises on quality, competitive prices, and customizable options, we set ourselves apart. Find out what makes us different by scheduling a consultation today.

Make a swift home sale

It’s all about meaningful images at Elite Homes & Design.

That’s why it’s our mission to make your space inviting and transform your home using affordable, creative solutions by our design professionals.

Showcase the best features of your home.

Impress prospective buyers.

Get the sale.

The creative team at Elite Homes & Designs can make it happen.

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