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Make it Inviting: Staging Your Home to Sell

Helping buyers envision themselves in a new home takes both skill and intuition. And at Elite Homes & Design, our home staging experts have both in droves. We help by offering our professional perspective on your home’s interior.

We specialize in vacant home staging. Our job isn’t to decorate a home. It’s to design a space that feels luxurious and not cramped or overcrowded. In a vacant home we fill all the empty spaces so the buyer doesn’t have to imagine how to utilize the rooms.

Interior Design for Contractors, Owners, and Realtors

If you’re an owner, realtor, or builder and need a home staged, we are more than happy to schedule a short visit to review the property and determine the best staging options for your property. Then we will then provide you a free no obligation staging proposal for you to review. We understand that every property has its own challenges and unique features. So, we work with you to determine which areas you’d like to showcase, and which can be addressed later.

With our own inventory of furniture and décor, the team at Elite Homes & Design will design the look and feel you’d like to portray to future buyers.

What Do We Consider When Staging a Home for Sale?

When a buyer enters a home for the first time, they’re doing more than casually looking around. Their minds are extremely busy imagining a future life in that space. This is the perfect time to help your visitors imagine the most compelling version of their lives there.

Whether it’s by leaving a couple cookbooks open on the kitchen counter or striking the right chord is essential to a timely sale.

Small or large, there isn’t a home price point that doesn’t benefit from staging. So, when creating the most compelling version of a home, there are a few things we love to “fuss” over, including:

Adding Fur Throws to Beds and Chairs for Texture
Creating Focal Points with Fresh Bed Linens
Hanging Artwork that Complements the Room’s Décor
Arranging Furniture to Improve Flow of Foot-Traffic
Accenting Bathrooms with Fresh Towels and Soaps
Making Recommendations for Front Yard and Driveway
Increasing Natural Light
Including Fun Details in Kitchens and Activity Rooms
Considering Seasonal Colors

Have Your House Staged in as Little as One Day

Staging is the final phase when preparing for an open house or private showing. First, it must be cleared of clutter, cleaned thoroughly, repaired, and even possibly repainted.
Once the home is sold we schedule a removal date that works with the seller. This is a lot of work to do on your own, especially when working a full-time job or caring for a family.

Our team helps make the job of selling a house seamless and effective by asking the right questions and ensuring that every detail is considered.

Talk to our team about transforming your home into a place where people want to be and want to buy. Drive the maximum amount of traffic to your property first. Call today.

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